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I teach a 7am class at a friend’s studio in Asbury Park and looooooove the artwork. I’m always taking pictures here, plus I’ve made a lot of progress in my practice at this studio.  

She loves him so much!  Spoiled I tell ya!

I stopped drinking coffee everyday, now only once or twice a week as more of a treat. Today tho is more of a need…going to nurse this thing until I send off my daughter to school to practice my yoga!

This was truly an amazing experience for me. The teachers were so knowledgeable, the students were so welcoming. I don’t think there was a time where I didn’t enjoy myself. Plus I’m more dedicated to my practice now as well. Next steps…taking private & group clients! Yay!

On my way home and found this interesting…if they all had one thing in common, it’s the way they all killed time. 

This is outside my Yoga studio.  Thinking about getting one for myself one day…


Took this picture on Easter Sunday. She wasn’t top happy about it but she still makes a cute Easter Bunny. At least I think so.


I hit this place inadvertently today. We were expecting to be elsewhere for lunch but to our surprise it was closed & used for a movie set. So we came here. Lucky us,  the food is delish…I had the sirloin sliders (no cheese) and Oh! MY GAWD! So damn good…dessert…Tiramisu & a coffee! Yum!  All good stuff. Very relaxing atmosphere!   A must visit if ever in the area!



I went out for a walk with my coworker to get some fresh air today. We went down to South Street Seaport in NY and we’re looking at the new shops that just went up. Plus all the new construction, it’s quite beautiful.

On our way back we came across this corner building with portraits of farmers and I came across this one.  She just caught my attention, from what she had to say to her beautiful portrait.  I had to share.


Thought I posted this the day I took this picture. Apparently not!  Too pretty not to share.