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I usually wouldn’t post pictures like this but this picture & day has a lot of meaning for me. A few weeks ago I ran a half marathon with my neighbor.  My daughter had asked me if she could run a half with me. I told her that she was too young for a half (especially to start with) but I would try to find a race where both of us could run. 

That night I did just that and found there was a 5k in the next town over which had races for children in addition to the 5k.  Best part of all, it fell on my birthday.

She was so happy and cute about the whole thing. “Mommy we have to train for the race”. 

So today I ran the 5k, although I don’t know my exact time, I do know I did pretty well (under 32 mins).  Best part I had my family cheering me on when I started and waiting for me at the finish line. My daughter’s race was cute. They had it on the football field and started by age range (ages 4 and up). She seemed a bit upset about how anticlimactic the end of her race was but she was happy she did it. Coolest part is now she wants to run a 5k with me. So I promised to start training her soon.  As for that 5k event, I will be running it again next year. The whole event was really great.  From the organization of the races, to the vendors and the barbecue and all the delicious food.  It was a great start to my day and a wonderful birthday gift.  Feeling so blessed.


A friend is vacationing in Paris & took this picture. I am in awe with its beauty. One day I’ll make my way out there to see it first hand. Just beautiful.